Fluid transfer systems that measure up!

We Specialize In Complete Systems &
Separate Components to Fill, Dispense,
Measure, Inject, and Transfer Liquids.

Liquid Dispensing Products
Canister Volumetric Types
Air Compressor Dispensers
Pump Dispensers
Chemical Injection Systems
Flow meter & Scale Dispensers
Enclosure, Skid, or Portable
Wheeled Carts

Container Filling Systems
Container Filling Systems with
Pressure Test
& Documentation
12VDC Truck Dispensers & Fillers

Econotrol TM Flow Computers
Microcontroller System Design
& Manufacturing
Microprocessor Programming
Liquid Level Telementry
Ticket Printers
Hall Effect and Proximity Sensors
& Transmitters for OEMs
Control Panels & Wiring
Batching & Blending Controls
Pump Monitoring & Speed Controls

Repair & Calibration
State Certified Meter & Scale
Meter & Pump Repair
Pressure Testing Facilities


Pipe Cutting, Beveling & Threading
Process Pipe Assemblies, Iron, Steel
& Continuously Welded Stainless Steel
Hose Supplies, Swivels, & Couplers
NIST, NCWM (Weights & Measures)
System Packaging
Drawings & Documentation Services

Micro-Matic Valves & Couplers
Parker & OPW Dry Disconnects
Closed Loop (Vapor Recovery)
Hose Swivels & Couplers

1+ Acre St. Louis County
Staging Area
Two 14 Ft. Drive In Bays
Loading Dock
Fork Lift Trucks
Centrally Located for National

Product Support Staff
Toll Free Product Support
7 Day/24 Hour Emergency Service
No Voice Mail
Bio Blending Skid
Tool Bar Injection
High Flow Injectors for in Plant Blending
On Truck Additive Injection
Portable Dispensers
Explosion Proof Computers
Batch Injectors
Nema 4X Computers